Top Ten Destinations in Munnar

Planning about a day out to a hill station early morning is what we all want after a busy frustrated week. Munnar is a place located at an altitude of 1600 meters above the sea level with very peaceful hill station, which is famous for its tea estates, abundance of flora and fauna, beautiful craggy peaks that makes this place exotic scenery to see. As per the survey conducted it says that Munnar has the biggest tea plant station within South India with relatively high content of Oxygen in the air. And above all to make this place more exotic it is situated on the banks of three rivers- Madupetti, Nallathanni and Periavaru.

Have you heard about Neelakurinji ??  The flower which change the green hills into blue once in every twelve years is Eravikulam National Park (45 min drive away from Munnar), will bloom next in 2018. This place spread over an area of 97 sq. km and is famous for conservation endangered species of rare butterflies, birds and animals like Nilgiri Tahr. Next amazing spot is Anamudi Peak which is the highest peak in South India that towers over 2,695m an ideal spot for trekking. To talk about Munnar or to find place to visit is really hard to say there are many more unknown places are left to discover. Taking this as our chance to discover, find or experience or explore interesting place the beauty nature The God’s Own Country, Kerala, Munnar has.

Here are 10 places that you can visit:

1.Rose Garden (2 km from Munnar)

Staying in Munnar is easy but staying in an eco-friendly home stay is best experience you can get. Yes! Rose garden is a home stay which is 2km away from Munnar situated at 3500 ft above the sea level.  As the names says, this place is a rose garden, with colourful multiple varieties of rose expansive agricultural plantations, such as Tea, Cardamom and Vanilla not just it, there is wide varieties of fruit trees that includes Litchi, Rumbutan, Strawberry and Amla all thses are within 2 acrs filled with beauty. The rooms here are also decorated with beautiful plants and flower that give very different experience of nature.  Another best thing about this home stay in rose garden is the best food they provide for the guest and other amenities. The place is very beautiful as there is hills and waterfalls nearby that can give good experience.

2.Echo Point (15 kms away from Munnar)

You can scream to top most to your voice and hear your echo back, its natural echo bring its beauty of hills with neelakuriji flowers among green grasses. And this is stop over for Top station visitors, along the road side there are many shops where you can buy food or ornamental accessories. Chirping sound of birds can be heard very clearly, the mist and the climate is great. This is very beautiful postcard like town of Munnar that you must visit. There is tacking spot in a distance of 13km from Munnar for adventure lovers.

3.Top Station (18 km from Munnar)

Top Station is 18km from Munnar, as its name says; it’s the most top station of Munnar, where you can see beauty of green nature hills covered with velvet grass. Do you know this place is also named as Elephant arrival spot, you could see elephant and morsels among the green grassland. Here experience the joy of ridding well trained elephant for both kids and adults comfortably. You can walk through grass down the hill that leads to Mattupetty reservoir but as these verdant grasses are too comfortable to walk beware of leeches.

4.Photo Point (2 kms from Munnar)

This is the most photogenic place that you can experience the beauty of nature as its located in a area of heavy rain fall. It’s just 3km from Munnar on the way to Mattupetty. If you are a nature lover and traveller, the tea plantations, Small Rivers and woods on rolling hills will make an ideal spot for you. The silver oak trees and green tea plantations makes scenic beauty by giving this place a name “Shooting Point”. Best place for showing your professional photographic skills and you can find a best place for picnic spot also.

5.Mattupetti Dam (13 km off Munnar)

Mattupetty Dam, the exotic view of lake and tea plantation to a wide area is breath-taking experience that you can get. Highly famous for the Indo-Swiss live stock projects, located at 13 km from Munnar city at 1700m above the sea level. We can see elephant playing among meadows or bath in the Mattupetty dam. There are activities like boating, horse riding even best for picnic spot. There is a dairy farm, run by the Indo-Swiss Livestock Project with several varieties of high-yielding cattle being reared.

6.Kolukkumalai Tea Estate (35 km off Munnar)

38km from Munnar which is at 8,000 feet above the sea level, the world’s highest tea estate that is accessible only by jeep. It’s just one and a half hour journey from the main centre of Munnar. This area attracts visitors for its products and its panoramic views around the world.  This is clam and quite home town of working people from tea plantations.  There is a tea plantation factory where you can go for a guide tour. They talk about the traditional methods of processing the tea. The aroma from freshly plucked tea leaves fills the place and the building has very old wooded style construction that gives antique look. You can even tea the tea different and varieties of flavour. They even teach you how to extract taste for making beat tea with or without milk. Another site you can see is the working women carrying the freshly plucked tea leaf in a bag carrying on their back to their residence.  This all experience makes Kolukkumalai Tea Estate best place to visit.

7.Atukkad Waterfalls (2 km away from Munnar)

Its best place to visit with beautiful hills, small waterfalls and green grasses but the road is very narrow you need to be more conscious while driving here.  It is just 2km from Munnar, you can go for trekking or hike, and it is very calm and beautiful place in Munnar.

8.Marayoor (40 kilometers from Munnar)

This is the place famous for its sandalwood trees, there is a sandalwood factory of the Forest Department. Marayoor is located 40km from Munnar, there are caves “muniyaras” (local language), the new Stone Age civilization and there is a park under a single Banyan tree which is great attraction for tourists. The main another attraction is the Thoovanam Waterfall and Rajiv Gandhi National Park. The place has its own ways of attraction and beauty to make to come back again.

9. Blossom Park (3 km from Munnar)

Close to Pallivasal Hydro Electric Project and just 3km from Munnar to Blossom Hydel Park. The best famous tourist attraction, the place is of area 16 acres filled with exotic and rare species of fresh flowers, migratory birds, lofty trees and mountain butterflies. This place is part of Sylvan Hill resort and it is also near to Muthirappuzha river and Kannan Devan hill tea estate. Here boating, cycling and roller-skating like activities are available for tourists. Where ever you go within Munnar you can’t miss the landscape mounts, so does here.

10.Kundala Dam & Lake (23 km off Munnar)

Kundala Dam & Lake is 21km one the way to Top Station at a height of 1700 meter above sea level is one of the best tourist attractions of Munnar. Here Cherry blossoms blooms twice in a year which is very beautiful site. This dam is considered as the first Asia’s arch dam which is also known as Sethuparvati Dam constructed for Pallivasal Hydro Electric Project in 1946. There are varieties of boating facilities on rent like pedal boats, Kashmiri shikkara boats and row. There is buses and taxi from Munnar to this place.  This is best breathtaking views of lush green surroundings.

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